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Hi! My name is Ivan, a medical doctor from Indonesia. Currently, I'm working as a General Practitioner in a hospital in a suburban city near Jakarta.

Opus Nuclei is a personal development lab for medical doctors I created to promote my mission: to create a balanced and meaningful life. If you are wondering, explore here:

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Opus Nuclei is built upon the idea that doctors need to create a balanced and meaningful life. The normalized imbalance of work and personal life robs us of the harmony between meaningful work and flourishing relationships with our loved ones. What I'm trying to build here is a space where doctors can learn the best tools and strategies to navigate their lives, inside and outside of medicine.

Also Human, Caroline Elton

Opus Nuclei It is a rare example of doctors using their clinical knowledge to benefit not only their patients but also other clinicians.

Also Human, Caroline Elton

This might be a way to see Opus Nuclei. Shift my interest in high-quality, ethical, health management, public health, neuroscience, from directly working with patients to work with doctors.

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