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I have always been curious about the lackluster of medical doctors about things outside their desired specialty. Are we doomed to bound to our clinical work? We devoted inhumane hours to master our field. Opus Nuclei is here to defy those practices.

Opus Nuclei is built upon the idea that doctors need to create a balanced and meaningful life. The normalized imbalance of work and personal life robs us of the harmony between meaningful work and flourishing relationships with our loved ones. What I'm trying to build here is a space where doctors can learn the best tools and strategies to navigate their lives, inside and outside of medicine.

Not excluded from the list — as I aspire to be a neurosurgeon myself, I am often spooked by the time-consuming career choice and disastrous family life (as I will be at the hospital almost all the time).

Every week, I publish an article on this website exploring topics related to personal development, ranging from note-taking, decision-making, and life experiences from the field.

These articles are for medical students/medical doctors who want to learn the best tools and strategies to succeed as stellar doctors.